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KTM’s Secret Weapon: Formula 1 Aero Technology


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Ahead of the 2024 season, KTM is trying to make a big breakthrough to beat Ducati’s dominance. The Austrian team decided to collaborate with Red Bull Racing.
In this collaboration, KTM focuses on developing the aero components of their motorbike. It is rumored that in this collaboration, KTM adopted some Formula 1 technology.

Unfortunately, this aero component cannot be fully implemented. Because there are still several obstacles that must be addressed. One of them is matching the aero work system on four wheels to two wheels.

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“Two fewer wheels, resulting in a taper angle and a rider who moves more. There are some basic things to learn together,” KTM Sporting Director Pit Beirer was quoted as saying by speedweek.com.

“Being able to work with the aero experts at Red Bull is pure madness! But these conversations also inspire us to a different level. This cooperation is not only fun, but also turns our bikes into rockets,” he explained.

But that doesn’t mean KTM will only focus its development on the aero aspect. According to Beirer, his team also needs to develop in the electronic sector.
“Yes, of course. In the past, aero was a tool so that the bike could go very fast on the straights. Now your job is to push the tool down to increase acceleration,” said Beirer.

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“But this hinders you on the straights. Now you have to get the right angle, including the ride height device”.

“It can change the height of the bike with the track surface by up to 10cm. So in the worst case, the bike can go up to 366 km/h on the straight,” he concluded.

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