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Lionel Messi reveals why he was absent against Hong Kong XI



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Inter Miami superstar Lionel Messi opened his voice regarding the polemic of him not playing against Hong Kong XI (4/2/24). Messi revealed that this was just unlucky.

Inter Miami is on a pre-season tour to various countries. Last Sunday, they played Hong Kong XI and managed to win 4-1. However, Messi only sat on the bench throughout the match.

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This made fans at the stadium disappointed and even asked for a refund. The Hong Kong Sports Minister even asked for an explanation about this. Messi opened his voice.

“The fact is it was bad luck that I couldn’t (play) on the day of the Hong Kong game,” Messi said as reported by footemxtra.com from The Athletic.

“In the first game in Saudi Arabia, I felt uncomfortable in my adductor muscle and that’s why I left (the game).

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“In the 2nd game I tried to test, see the sensation I felt and how I felt, because I had done an MRI and it turned out that I had oedema in the overloaded adductor, but there was no injury. That’s why I tried to play.

“Then we went to Hong Kong and had an open training and I came out because there were so many people there and because there was also a coaching clinic with the kids and I wanted to attend and participate, but the reality is that the discomfort continued and it was very difficult for me to play.

“Unfortunately, in football, a lot of things can happen in any match, so we might get injured. That happened to me.”

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Lionel Messi hopes to return to Hong Kong

Messi hopes he can return to Hong Kong in the future and play to entertain the fans.

“I couldn’t play in the Hong Kong game, and it’s a shame because I always want to participate, I want to be there, and even more so when it comes to this game when we travelled a long way and people are very excited to watch our game,” La Pulga said.

“I hope we can come back and play another match and I can be present, as I do whenever I can, but the truth is that it’s a shame I can’t participate.”

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